Like many of the worlds that clutter the planes and the cosmos, Anemoi is a planet drenched in magic, mystery, steel, and strife. Bards sing of the delights and dangers that can be experienced the world over, and though most who listen can only wistfully dream of the wealth and grandeur to be had, there are always those few adventurers who manage to rise above the rest, growing to wield enough power to influence the very future of Anemoi itself.

Anemoi is a world of devout religion existing alongside advanced science. Over the millenia, war has ravaged the world, over ideals of both devotion and design. The last several generations have been relatively quiet; the three great religions have achieved a measure of coexistence, and their scientists share their newest discoveries willingly, pushing past their prejudiced hesitation for the betterment of society.


7. Thrae is everywhere…
From the purification of the water you drink to the tools you work with every day, an ever-present power source called “thrae” is an essential part of life. The thrae allows airships to fly, vehicles to move, and provides the fuel for many pieces of equipment. It is believed that the thrae comes from the majestic rings — the Aurora — that encircle the planet, harnessed by skyscraping obelisks that help spread the energy evenly across the planet.

6. …but thrae isn’t everything!
Just because the thrae may power the purifiers and pumps that work to transfer fresh water to your home, that doesn’t mean that you power up a thrae-powered toothbrush every morning. There is a more mundane, powerless version of nearly everything the thrae powers. An iron longsword can be just as good as a thrae-powered one, if considered a little archaic by some.

5. How to Ride the Wave 101 (or “The Case for Pragmatic and Theoretical Armaments in Today’s Modern Society”)
The Obelisks draw thrae from the Aurora and then spread it across the countryside, anywhere from a few miles to a hundred depending on the Obelisk’s size; however, the further from the Obelisk, the more wild and uncontrolled the thrae becomes. The invisible power source runs thick in some places, over-saturating the area and overcharging thrae equipment, making the swords seem sharper and the shields seem sturdier. Other areas run dry, draining the Conduits of their stored power and making blades dull and shields brittle. Those who wield thraecraft equipment would do well to pay attention to the presence of these areas: though they might be able to tap into impressive bonuses for their gear, they might also find it suddenly powering down when they need it the most!

4. Gods walk the earth! Or maybe not…
A centuries-long religious debate divides the southern and western continents. The ‘Followers’ to the south claim that the impossibly large and vicious creatures known as dragons are walking gods incarnate and deserve praise and worship. The ‘Believers’ in the west subscribe to a larger cause in an invisible, omnipotent entity they call Urathear. The vicious versus the vestigial – their conflicting ideals have been the catalyst for many a war-widowed woman.

3. Holy Crap – Vampires!
The shadar-kai possess the need to feed! Living beings in the truest since, the shadar-kai have to sustain their life force by drinking blood. Though often the subject of spooky stories and inaccurate legends, the shadar-kai of today are tolerated in society because of the position they hold within the religion of the ‘Centered,’ and because they now restrict themselves to willful blood samples from their rogueish and athiestic followers. Vials of life-giving blood can be purchased from nearly any vendor where you could get a beer…but it is often served with a sneer.

2. “We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”
Warforged are more than just thrae-powered machines: they’re like walking, talking, fighting coffins! The rich and the powerful can have a warforged built to their custom specifications (within set parameters, of course), and when they die, their soul can be transferred to the artificial body so that they can continue living! The warforged body gives them a second lease on life, but no one is immortal: when the warforged’s conduit deteriorates, the soul will have no choice but to move on…transferring to another Warforged is taboo, illegal, and extremely dangerous.

1. There’s always someone…
There have been whispers of a group of individuals spreading dissent among Followers, Believers, and Centered alike, claiming that they’re all wrong. Why, after so many centuries of fighting, would anyone do this now that the three great religions have found peace?


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